in a lot of pain because i am not only seriously emotionally invested in swan queen but also captain swan fuck me why would i do this to myself


"what’s the saddest, most poignant thing u can think of"

"two white people are in love but there are Complications that make it kinda hard"

"visionary. fund the movie"

make me choose:
queenderien: Swan Queen or Maxanor?


'Either Emma and Regina are supposed to be the slow-burn romantic endgame of Once Upon a Time, or the show is operating from so foreign a perspective to my own I might as well spend the hour from 8pm to 9pm on Sundays with a soup pot over my head, sipping bourbon through a straw and singing Christmas Carols. Because COME ON.'
-Lily Sparks

*laughs about how Regina and Emma are obviously destined to be together

*cries about how the show and it’s writers are ridiculous and it will actually never happen



Thanks to firenzelovegoodthewolf for bringing this to our attention! Awesome to see another bi celeb out and proud, but can we not with the awful wording of the article title? I really hate it when media says “so and so admits to being bi”as if it’s some sort of crime, or something to be ashamed of. That’s definitely something I see as far as the media being FAR more pro-gay than pro-bi. Not only are a lot of bi celebrities erased and labeled as gay, but when someone comes out as gay, they label it as just that: “So and So Comes Out As Gay.” But when it’s bisexuality, it’s “So and So Admits to Being Bisexual.”

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that I really don’t like the whole “joins the list of hot bisexual women” thing. Cuz that’s all we’re good for, right? Gross.

bolded for emphasis. 


Fong Qi Wei

'Time is a Dimension' series, 2013





so this is erika linder, a female model working as a female, androgynous and male model


and this here is andrej pejic, a male model that works as a male, androgynous and female model

both are famous for their opposite sex and androgynous work



and they’re fucking dating.

hottest couple ever


this is my favourite thing

andrej uses she/her


Leonardo Taiwo (D1 Models) (who apparently has no need for clothes not that I’m complaining….) shot by SOULZPLANET


To all the other INFJ’s out there on tumblr…


To all the other INFJ’s out there on tumblr…

Once Upon A Time Costume Porn